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TTP Group opens Pharmaplan branch in Stein

TTP Group (Rosenheim)/Pharmaplan AG (Basel), February 1, 2022: TTP Group opens another Pharmaplan branch in Stein, in the newly created Life Science Park Rheintal. In this way, the company wants to cover the increased demand for engineering services at the location. As the strategic engineering partner of Novartis Pharma AG for all baseload projects in the Rhine Valley, Pharmaplan will be able to offer its engineering services and proven portfolio management from the new office to other established pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the park.

After the opening of the production site by Novartis in 2021, a wide range of companies from the life sciences sector will settle there. The chemical and pharmaceutical group Lonza has been represented in Stein since 2019, and the biotechnology company Celonic since the beginning of 2021. Pharmaplan has been active in Stein for over 10 years and has a wide range of core competencies that are in demand there. The new branch also gives Pharmaplan a decisive strategic advantage in order to secure its position as the Swiss market leader.
Project manager and portfolio manager Francis Hartmann has been familiar with the location in numerous projects for many years:

< p>“With the new office, we are working directly on site as the engineering partner for the entire campus. With our site-specific know-how, we can quickly and purposefully advance the planning and construction of your production and research capacities for Novartis, Lonza, Celonic and future pharmaceutical and biotech companies and support our customers in all areas with our extensive site engineering service portfolio.”< /em>

From conversions and conversions to (re)qualifications to expansions and modernizations of existing plants, Pharmaplan covers the entire engineering life cycle. As an EPCMV partner, Pharmaplan also takes on the entire planning and implementation of research and production facilities for larger investment projects. The new office offers space for 30-40 employees from the fields of architecture, engineering and science.

Address: Pharmaplan AG, Life Science Park Rheintal, Schaffhauserstrasse 101, WST-308, 4332 Stein.