RED: AI robot as disinfection expert

new type of disinfection robot has been developed in France in cooperation between Hellomoov’, Phar-maplan France and Akeoplus: RED, the “Robot Expert de Désinfection, with ar-tificial intelligence. Jeremy Jacquart, Team Leader Process Equipment of Phar-maplan France, contributed pharmaceutical expertise to this project.

The resumption of economic activities is currently taking place under hygienic conditions, which require daily cleaning of the inhabited premises, common ar-eas and contamination areas, as well as prior disinfection of the working ar-eas.

Personnel working in hospitals, nursing homes, but also in industry and the lo-gistics sector are most exposed to the risks of contamination.

The new RED robot is able to disinfect industrial and hospital areas without contamination. It has a disinfection capacity of 100m2 in 60 seconds, is 2.20m high and has an operating time of 8 hours without human intervention.

The main advantages of RED:

  • RED ensures complete disinfection of the site and eliminates all risks of human exposure.
  • Complete and detailed traceability of the cleaning imposed on each establishment
  • Reduction in the use of protective equipment
  • Modular solution to protect employees, customers and patients.
  • Personnel deployment times are reduced.

The corona pandemic is far from being the first disease and is unlikely to be the last. This robot should help to limit the risk of contamination and protect the lives of many people not only now but also in the future.